Another diary

First job of the week is to tip St Neots, Cambridgeshire, then off down to Colchester cos I am gonna be running out of there this week.

Just what you want on a Monday morning, this sign and me sat nav telling me to go up there. Chanced it though and it paid off cos the site was up there.

Couldnt get onto the site cos the forkie hadnt turned up, and no one else could move the machine out of the way off the silo so wait for him or tip through the fence. Decided to tip through the fence.

Colchester plant where Im gonna be based this week

These guys had just tipped brand new silos there

Monday pm back to Cambridge very tight site to get into

Got really close to silo tho

Monday night parked at Birchanger services.

Tuesday morning tip Cambourne

2nd job, tip Uxbridge. Need to be up this street

The alternative entrance

Nice big site but forklift in way again.

Bet this is a boring job loads of waiting around according to the driver

One last job in Ipswich then park at orwell overnight, as mentioned in a previous post cracking truckstop, the pic doesnt do me tea justice!

Wednesday back to Colchester, then off to Kings Lynn, theres the silos how do I get to them?

Back to Colchester, then off to West Malling.
Over the QEII bridge

Got to the site late Wednesday no one there and gates locked so decided to stop here for the night, so could tip first thing.

Had to walk for ages to find a pub and when I did it was a bloody expensive one!£3.20 a pint and £11 quid for a meal!!!
Nice tho

Couldnt remember me way back from the pub. Decided to take a peek in one or two of the show homes.

At least I hope they were show homes, or else Im gonna be down as West Mallings most wanted peeping tom :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
There she is!

Hotel Daf

Up nice and early waiting for the site to open. These were the silos easy access, or so I thought!, that one was full so had to go across site to this one.

Arguing over the fuel pump at Marks Tey

Stopped in Harlow Thursday night.

Friday back to Colchester to load for Thetford, then back to sunny Stoke to load for Monday.

Trailer for test Monday so meet fitter at test centre then off to Aylsebury.

well done. what do you have to do is it quite easy. :confused:

Great piccies again Bug! these photo diaries.

P.S. Jessica’s Dad…there’s nowt easy about powder tankers :wink:

some nice pictures thanks a lot

Great pics again bugcos :grimacing:
Thanks for posting them. :smiley:

Good pics and blog Bug,

Oh and that “showhome” is my nans, mums, grannies house! :laughing: :laughing:
Dirty boy! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

cracking pictures and another great read.

must do a diary one day myself


It looks like you have discovered one of the building trades immutable laws - if there is a forklift nearby, it is ALWAYS in the way!
I drive a sweeper on a large construction site (6 developers, 10 years of building remaining) and we have a total of 7 of the darn things around…
One in particular appears on my reversing camera so often I am convinced he has developed a crush on my sweeper!
Dean. :smiley:

Nice diary mate,smart looking out fit ,that pub meal made me feel hungry :laughing:

Great blog Bug loved it looking forward to the next one :smiley: :open_mouth: :smiling_imp:

nice pics guess you load up at croxden quarry then

only on a Friday for monday then rest of week its out of Colchester mate