And another................completed by jeh_lon

Iwould say due to the amount of traffic and it being daylight [unless taken in summer early morn] your on a quiet m/way the m45

Taken at lunchtime but not on the M45


You are on the right way of thinking M45 / M50 etc but it’s not either.

M4? Can’t think where though other than Wales cos we only get 2 lanes :frowning:

Do I get half a mark for knowing that you’re heading East??
You’ve got us fair and square with this one, cos there’s no traffic-- how are we supposed to recognise it??
– no wonder we’re stumped :laughing:

It’s days as a motorway are numbered, apparently it becomes an A road next year.

I’ll make it really easy and post a couple more pics.


I can see those extra pics gave it away then.

Yes it’s the M10, I quite often use it to cut the corner between the M1 and M25 it’s never busy.