Analogue Tachographs

Hey folks is there any way of keeping an eye on drive time breaks etc with this style of tachograph for that day and I don’t mean checking it after ?

TachoGuard App on your phone is the way I do it when I’m not lucky enough to get a Digi. I’m not good at Analogue, never had to use them when I started, I got used to the truck doing all that work for me.

Stop watch and count down alarm

Good old bit of paper and a pen…

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blue estate:
Stop watch and count down alarm

That’s how we did it in the good old days, and sometimes forgot to press a button and made a mess of the whole thing.

I believe some people use Trucker Timer

image.jpegThis way works for me

Hi i used to use a tach trac electronic device which was/is a progammeable counter with buttons that corresponds with the tacho feilds
also had a plastic wheel reader as well put the tacho on the wheel and use the sweeping arm to calculate times etc … both ok but i do prefer the printout nowadays as there is no argument with it ( ive had one or two "discussions " with office idiots over paper tachos ) … B00CFIATWO

Punchy Dan:
0This way works for me

My brother from another mother, that’s how I did it (Still do Cough! Cough!) don’t trust this digital stuff :stuck_out_tongue: although it seems more switched on that I am these days, but I just cannot get out of relying on my trusty pocket log.

If driving a Daf reset the trip computer just before you set off. Unless you run a pto or leave the engine idling then you’ll be almost due a break when the timer gets to 4.30.


My gaffer bought me something very similar in the 1990’s, it worked well but (on inspectors advice) I let it run over an extra minute on break as you couldn’t really tell to the second when your break started and it was found that some drivers were several seconds away from their full 15/30 minutes etc and were pulled up on that. It’s still laying in my bedside cabinet but the battery will be kaput now I think! Tak Trak was another more expensive device that a lot used.


Use pen and paper for most of the day then give up when I know I will be parked up in my time

Been on paper charts a while now, usally i keep a mental note in my mind, you find your alot more aware of driving time. I could do a ten hr drive an have it within a few mins. Is this something drivers are losing? With all modern gadgets etc etc is there awareness the same. Past a gist truck on the a55 about 8.30 last night noticed the drive had his feet up on the arm rest by the window. What would happen there in the event of a steer blowen out??

Good old bit of paper and a pen…

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This !

So simple, even I could do it :slight_smile:

There’s nothing wrong with using pen and paper, but then there’s also nothing wrong with using modern technology to make life easier.

I use trucker timer on the odd occasion I’m in an analogue truck. Low cost, works an absolute treat.

A cheap kitchen timer would suffice, just blu tack it to the dash / speedo binnacle, start it when you set off, pause it at traffic lights and level crossings etc. to record your aggregate drive time.