An update for you all

So after what felt like a life time I Finally had my Class 2 on the 19th Feb! First test i had booked was a 6am start and by 6.15, the hazards were on and the gearbox fluid was all over the road at a roundabout. It broke down 1st time in 8years it ever needed work and was on my test! i was gutted but it must have been a sign.
Now i managed to get the retest booked in about for the following week.
I was glad though when i found out i Got a 9.40 test opposed to an 8am one like the first time.
The whole test went relatively well but by the end i was pretty confident i had failed although I did PASS! No idea why i felt like i failed i think i was adamant that i had gone over the line when doing my reverse but the most important thing was that certificate with a P A S S !!!

Now lets fast forward to last monday, i had my class 1… and this i wasn’t confident in. After being ill since the friday before (test on the wednesday) i had 11hours sleep in 3 days! not a good move! i persevered and drove as much as i could do over the 3days but had to cut it short on both days. and inevitably Failed! i forgot to release the pin when doing my coupling! Arghh so frustrating but what will be will be.

Now i have an informal meeting tomorrow at a local company, but its agency work and its 7.5 tonne, with a fair bit of manual work but does have some class 2’s in fleet so there is a occasional work in that. but I’m hoping it will get me going as I’ve already had 2-3 people come back to me on class 2 work saying i need more experience. so ill keep you updated…

Do i not get any fireworks :frowning:

Well done with your pass!

ROG will be shortly!


Uiiiiii…BOOOOM! Uiiiiii…BOOOOM!

Very well done! Hoping to get my class 2 soon.

Congrats on the C pass!! :smiley: and commiserations on the CE fail :frowning:

A decent nights sleep is so important during training and pretest. Have you heard the term BLACK in relation to the couple/uncouple? B brake L legs A airlines C clip K kingpin. I just kept repeating it to myself throughout the exercise, nearly missed checking lights mind you! Came to me in the end though.

Good luck for the next try!