amos meer

Just wondered if anybody as any old photos of our lorrys from thr 70,s and 80,s got lots of them taken in our yard, but none taken out on the road ,thanks longpod

there are quite a few amos meer photos on a couple of the threads but at the moment my brain cell is on strike . if you use the search button it should bring them up . i remember their lorries well , i did a lot of coal from the notts / derby pits in the 70s and 80s , smart lorries for the job they were doing , cheers , dave

There used to be a lad on here Flatman001(John Gibb) he had over 200 pics of Amos Meer lorries but I havent seen or heard from him for ages now.He also had a site on flickr but I cant even find that either :frowning: :unamused:

One here found on flickr (taken 2002/3 by secretcoachpark)

thanks for replys,and the photo, that was last erf 8 wheeler we had, ex clugston powder tanker, was a good lorry.


My Dad drove the sister vehicle to that XRR 252Y he had it for 14 years never had a clutch or any engine trouble it’s what I call a proper lorry

Dan Punchard:

Nice greedy boards!!!

Hey up Andy, have you looked on the proper flatbeddin thread, there seems to be an influx of tipper pictures on there, maybe a local light haulier put them there by mistake.

Thaks gazsa 401, I can remember stirlands all our 401s were Gardner powered so were sripped down quite regularly, and mr punchard thats not me but a young darrayl stanley