American style urban trailers, argos curtain siders

Saw a what I think was a Tesco truck on m42 few weeks back and he had an urban box trailer. I’ve not seen before. Looked brand new, pure white/metal trim it stood out as axles where level with the back door, don’t know if was twin steer. Guessing it makes things easier accessing tighter than tight metro stores etc??

Also first time today saw a double Decker argos curtain sider? They moving all haulage in-house now like the containers. Only ever seen box trailers before. Or perhaps just not noticed them on road before.


As far as I am aware its still DHL running there transport.

Argos have had curtain DD’s for a while. There was even a longer semi trailer one that was battered to pieces with the curtains all ripped that I’ve seen them using.

There’s a cool article about a new rear steer system they’ve employed, costs about 20 grand per trailer but you can get a 45 in to the gap a 20 would go in. Cool.