Amazon Preston Brook

Anyone know the address? Damned if I can find it.

Is it new? Not even on there website.

Must be, just got email saying go to Amazon Preston Brook, got a feeling it might be Kingsland Grange…

That’s the only 1 I can find pal, just off kingsland grange.

I tried lol

Thanks anyway.

It’s in b and q s old dc Il try and find the address for you

Aston lane north it’s right down at the bottom till you can go no further the dhl/ b&q signs may still be up but that’s where u want to be

Cheers Mate, I know where B&Q is…or was.

When did B&Q eventually move out then, as when I first passed my test used to do a night run there from Hull, tip then into Mammoet yard around the corner for a trailer swap and back to Hull, and they said it was closing back then but it just never did,

Not sure but I think it was about June/ July this year Amazon was in there when b and q were they just had some of the building

Ok cheers only took 4 years then lol