Am I mad.

Hello all, first post,so don’t be too harsh!
I have a question,but first,a little background.

I’m 57,a time-served carpenter/joiner(5 year apprenticeship)but gave it up,for the first time,in 1976 when I got my Class One.Went on for Laingfreight in Andover(anyone remember them?)among others.Went back to shopfitting in '79. Moved up to Boston in '85,became an owner/driver in '87,subbing for RS Thompson,then TDS(New Holland)on the flowers out of Aalsmere.Then the recession came and that was the end of that! Went back on the tools,again.

Are you still awake?

Moved back down yer,Wiltshire/Dorset in’04. License ran out in '05.Decided to renew license(after phoning DVLA to see if I could,bearing in mind that it ran out 2 years ago)They said yes,it can be renewed at any time.
Went for a medical last Wednesday(passed). I am now waiting for the postman to decide to go back to work,then,hopefully,I’ll have a nice,shiny license!

I am now too old(so my knees,elbows ect.tell me)to carry on being a chippy,so…

Now the question(s)!

I know that things have moved on,and that the haulage industry is just a shadow of its former self,or so it seems,but is there still a place for someone(me)who is a bit “rusty”?.In the past I’ve done bulk tipper,reefer and general haulage work.Also some Continental,although it was all a long time ago.

What do you think?

Would I be regarded,by employers/TMs as “past it”?
Am I mad to even contemplate such an idea?

Your opinions/comments,good,bad or indifferent, would be much appreciated.
Thanks for reading(those that are still awake!)

PS. Great site,by the way.

You would be regarded as an asset as you seem to have a good work ethic.

As long as you turn up on time (not ■■■■■■■ don’t crash the truck or cause major damage to equipment and don’t have an attitude problem or a bad temper, you’re good to go.

Poco I scored a well paid job with one of the best firms in the country when I turned 65. These days its a doddle if you can put up with the queuing on the motorways.

Go for it m8 I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised :wink:

Basically, if you can stand up and pump blood, you’re a shoo-in for a job.

Not true Harry. Ability to stand up is a bonus. :wink:

You’re only 57 - a slip of a lad in this game!!
You’ll bring the average age of commercial drivers down a bit!

no you are not age and experiance is a valuble bonus

Thanks to all for the words of encouragement.

Went for an interview this morning,and…

I start on Monday!

I had the choice of either bulk tipper,or container work,both for the same(small) firm. I chose containers.(easier and cleaner than the tippers!)It means 4 nights out per week,but,I don’t mind that. Hopefully,this’ll last 'til next May,then,as I have done for the past 5 years,I have about 3 months off each summer! Thats when I take to the road for pleasure.Motorcycling on the continent. Its a hard life!

The truck I’ll be driving is an ERF badged MAN.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Good for you m8
Good luck with the job

Am I mad.

Almost certainly :laughing: :laughing:

Welcome to the mad house.

dad retired at 65 and went onto agency work, spent most of the time tramping for a frim out of wardle and they were very happy with him, carried on working 4/5 nights out a week until he was 71.