All the idiots on the road

so iv only been driving a lorry for a few months and iv already seen so many idiots on the road,
a few people overtaking tractors and nearly hit oncoming cars, a persons wheel fell off from trying to race around a corner (so funny), a head on crash with 2 vans, and overturned milk float, few cars in bushes, cars and lorries with no lights on in the fog…and on and on…
so whats the funniest or worst accidents you lot have seen??

bit of a random post i guess

Not an accident as such…but one day last wk while filling up at Lymm Services a Mercedes CAR pulled up on the pump next to me & tried filling his car up!! The guy was getting very irrate, f this f that as the pump wasn’t coming on !! Being the good citizen I just watched & after a few minutes he storms off to the kiosk to kick off & low & behold he reappeared a few seconds later looking rather embarrassed & buffered off !! Made me chuckle anyway :slight_smile: lol

I was aiming to turn right onto main road from a tjunction, chap in a mini coming from my left looked me in the eye, smirked and raced forward to nick m gap.

He was so keen on smirking at me he failed to notice that the traffic had stopped!
impact changed his expression. :laughing:

haha yeh thats the awkward moment when you try get diesel and your standing there like an arse for the pump to work.
ol bazstan that made me laugh, defo a youve been framed clip

All the knobs that try overtaking on singles when their cars really aren’t up to it, ain’t worth a head on is it?

What about the clowns that overtake you then slow down? They dont want to sit behind a lorry but dont want to be doing 56mph either! :smiling_imp:

Can’t say I’ve really seen a huge amount.

In the first few weeks on the road only on a local run a golf had to swerve out on a SC after they didn’t notice traffic had stopped in front. Just lucky nothing coming the other way.

Then last night some 2 cars who I can only assume were having some sort of race came flying up undertaking on a dual carriageway at about 80ish, traffic flowing at about 30 and an AA flatbed moved to the left lane and they both nearly plowed into the back of it. One of the cars then decided to undertake (whilst a car moved over) and nearly ended up on the grass.

Other than that, nothing really sticks out.