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i worked with alan 4 about 5 years we ran 2gether most of that time on middle east runs 4 capitol cargo subbing 4 astran we had some real mad times & i got some great memories when he left he went on 4 tricksy out of dartford doing cyprees then i got a call 2 tell me he had died in his truck in calais i was totaly gutted he was only 39 what a age

any 1 no alan he was a real character

Yep Roders, I knew Alan ( very close friend, colleague and employee ) and sadly your information is correct. :cry: . You must have known him mid nineties I think. He was a top man.
Ex Hollis and Rokold in his early career, and later other companies from the Eastend/Essex driving to Middle East, Russia and Eastern bloc, as you have already mentioned.
I had many great trips and many good times with Big Al. Always entertaining and always up for a beer and a larf. :laughing:

Alan was driving/working for me at the time of his death, July 8th 2004. He went to his bed parked in Transmarck and sadly never awoke. He died in his sleep. I still remember vividly the calls from the forwarder asking me if I had had contact with Alan that day and then the call to say that another subbie had found the truck parked in Calais at 1600hrs with the curtains closed. Incredible sinking feeling :frowning: .
I had to inform his wife that evening and I travelled out to Calais the following morning to identify the body with my father and his mother. Although a new truck was on order for Alan and delivered the following month, after 2 “muppets” tried to fill his boots and failed, the truck was sold 6 months later and the business closed. (loss of interest)
Alan left a heartbroken wife of 14 months, heartbroken mother and father ( who susequently drunk himself to death and died himself 6 months later ) and a massive void in many peoples lives that knew him or had met him.

Alan had suffered heart problems and when working for Astran, had to be flown home air ambulance all the way from Jordan when he was took very ill with water retention, but when fit he was straight back in the seat. Aged 34 doctors found at that time his heart in the wrong place and it is thought now that Alan knew there were more problems that he was not telling us about :angry: .

The funeral was a celebration of a very short life lived to the very full with many drivers attending. The air was thick with “diesel smoke” and a lot of miles travelled that day.

Over 3 years later it still hurts to write this. Sadly missed but not forgotten.

R.I.P Alan " Big Al" Twitchen

alright nipper did u work with alan in the early days as i remember him talking about a good fiend of his & your name rings a bell. i didn,t no he had got married as i lost contact with him when he left capitol [trailways] i had his home number & rang that a few time but only ever got his dad as alan was always away. when he was flown home that was from qatar not jordan as i flew down & drove his truck back [ never 4get him ringing truck phone & telling me not 2 get 2 settled in his motor as he’l b back] & as you said he was. i only met alan 4 a very short time but that short time will stay with me 4ever he was alan R I P shag

I would like to add my name to the long list of people that knew and worked with Alan and just say that he was a true character in the best sense, he was a gentleman and a great Driver, God rest him, I met him last in Dover and he laughingly informed me he had just delivered a load of sand to Doha, if someone could sell it Alan would get it there, sad to say his health did,nt match his appetite for life.Sadly missed but fondly remembered, cheers Al.

well nipper just bin looking at your rokold thread was great to see alan with hair lol when i worked with him he always shaved his head was great to see him in his prime lol. ps big al still missed every day. mick

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any 1 no alan he was a real character

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