AGR 778

Bit of a long shot…

My old man died last Tuesday, and going through his papers prior to the funeral this Thursday, we came across a court paper dated in the mid 50’s stating that he had been a naughty boy with the truck that had the above registration.

Can anyone help me in identifying the truck and owner?

The offence took place in the North East.


First of all,I’m sorry about your father and, as a believer in the Afterlife,you will meet again :slight_smile:

All I can tell you about your father’s lorry,AGR 778,is that it was registered in Sunderland and AGR 778
dates from July 1949 to April 1950,and going by the 778 it’s more likely to have been registered in 1950.


Thanks for that. It’s a start.

The only thing is, it wasn’t his truck, nor did he drive it, but he seems to have had a misdemeanour with it according to the court papers.

I’m keen to know if anyone can shed any further light on it.