Aggregate Industries franchise?

Hi has anyone ever had any dealings with the above, i recently filled an application form for a mixer franchise & just wondered if anyone has any good or bad experiences with them?? before i take the next step.


I’ve done a lot of work as a relief driver for Bardon Concrete O/D’s (Bardon is owned by Agg Ind) & from what I can tell they are no worse/better than any of the other readymx suppliers.

What I would say is read down this forum a bit & read the comments on whether it’s worth the risk being an O/D, particularly these threads

From what I know you will have to pay a deposit on a truck ( around £5000) + they will want you to have a new/newish mixer at 1200+ quid per month, then fuel costs (ever rising), maintenance, repairs (job takes it’s toll on tyres, suspension) + your operators licence + CPC…

On average they reckon 5-6 loads a day will cover your costs with a bit left over, anything less & you will be making a loss… with the state of the construction industry at the moment (& forecast) can you/they guarentee this work? Answer: No

My advice to you would be wait for 12-18 months & see what happens.
The good thing with a Bardon franchise is that you can chuck the keys back anytime & cut your losses but by then you could be well out of pocket.

I looked at it a few months ago & decided NO but it’s your choice.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter whos name is on the side of the truck if there is no work available (which is how its getting) and fuel shooting up (which it is) you’re still on a downer and the comments you received from your other topic still stand.