Agency work

I just love the fact that as soon as I hit the 8 hour point the pay shoots into hyperdrive ( would prefer warpdrive but can’t have everything ) so it’s really good to get in 12 to 14 hours in a day.

Of course the next best thing if you can’t get a few hours overtime is when you do 3 hours work and get 8 hours pay like I did yesterday. :laughing:

Can beat you there Willy, 2 hours work, 8 hours pay, and I was only driving a sprinter, for 24 minutes, the rest of the time was taken up with transferring 3 pallets of stores to a ship.

Funny that.

Since going onto agency work just before xmas,I’ve had some serious hours in,less breaks and poa of course.

Last week was a classic example:

81 hours,less my breaks,less my poa,and ended up ‘working’ no more hours than I did at my last employer,and because of the holiday Monday,and Saturday at time and a half,and then time and a half after 8 hours on normal days,I have actually doubled my money. :smiley:

Kerching indeed. :smiley:


at the kwik save great bridge, when it was still quick save, theyd sometimes order too many drivers from the agency and just sedn you home for 8 hours pay, ive seen it happen but wernt lucky enough for it to be me!

i used to do agency shifts at Helmans at Fradley Park doing overtspill and many a night it was in for midnight cup of char back in bed for 01.30 for 8 hrs pay and on fri night sat morn it was time and a half

I got called out for a night shift. Walked in and introduced myself. “We don’t need anyone tonight drive”, he says. “Fine mate, just sign here please”, I said. He signed, I headed home.
I called the office on my new mobile phone (well phones that fitted a pocket were new, then), so they sent me somewhere else, same story. Two 8 hour shifts, with travel expenses and I was only out of the house an hour. The next morning I got another job, guaranteed 10 hours pay.
So for one 24 hour period, I got paid 26 hours. Overtime rate after 8 hours. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It only happened once, in five and a half years of doing agency work though. :frowning: :frowning:

i had a few jobs that had been cancelled while i was agency. wasnt told, not my fault, paid 8 hours.
i used to get all the overtime i could too. especially on my temp to perm with Exel since i was on a higher rate of pay. i was working 60 hours a week and taking home almost £600.
now im salaried, i do the fewest hours possible :laughing: