Agency work Cannock

Had a call from an agency yesterday who I had registered with a few weeks ago. the guy on the other end of the phone said they have a national company on their books who were moving their operations to Cannock in 6 weeks time. they are looking for 20 - 30 drivers to work night 9pm starts. Night trunking to other depots. I asked who they were but he wouldn’t tell me. Decent pay by the sounds of it, have any of you guys heard any rumours of companies moving to the Cannock area. Can’t think of anyone there other than Pentalver’s but he assured me it wasn’t them. He did ask me if I had ADR though so must be moving Hazardous!!!

TFI Friday

Pretty certain (but not 100%) that it could be Stobbies…think they have squeezed DHL outta Unilever up on Lakeside…can’t move for their wagons parked on the road at night n the yard is full of green trailers now instead of yellow’uns!!

Actrosman,I’m a tramper now for stobarts based at Cannock and we haven’t pushed DHL out.DHL do all the warehousing for Unilever,we’ve took the transport side over from Wincanton

As for ADR work on agency I doubt very much that will be with Esl as we have no ADR equipped trucks at Cannock and not that many on the UK fleet anyway.

There’s a lot of building work going on around the estate now so maybe someone is about to move in?

Which agency is that or pm me

I stand corrected Jase!! Don’t seem to many (was it ) BMT trucks that way now (green artics), They were always in/out of DHL

Followed this outta Lakeside the other night, does it shed any more light on the matter?? PQ not to good,sorry