Agency weekend work

have got a question regarding agency weekend work,am a newbie class 2 driver and have been told by a few people to go weekend driving to gain some experience,in the past i have approached agencys about signing up with them for jobs unrelated to driving,but was told that they dont employ people that are already in full time employment,can anyone tell me if this is correct or not?also are there any agencys in the leicester area that specialize in weekend work??

I have never heard of an agency that specialises in weekend work.

they dont employ people that are already in full time employment

What rubbish - yes they do - they are just using that as an excuse to fob you off

If you are working in a job from Mon to Fri then be careful as you need to have at least 45 hours off in one go every other week and at least 24 hours off in one go every week

This usually means that with a Mon to Fri job you can only drive for one day every other weekend.

If you do any driving under EU regs in a week (mon 0000 to sun 2400) then the other work you did for the other job must be recorded either on a digi tacho or using a seperate analogue tacho disc for each day that you worked with your name, date, start & finish time on each one

In any week (mon 0000 to sun 2400) when you did not drive under EU regs then nothing needs to be done

thanks for the info rog

Hi Dave

I’m in the Leicester area and do agency work so all I can advise is based on my own experience. First of all I think you’ll struggle to get weekend class 2 work. Bear in mind the current fragile climate (although I think it’s better than a year ago) goods are getting moved around in the week to meet demand so there’s no need to pay extra to get them moved at the weekend. That said, supermarkets are busiest at weekends but they tend to be serviced by articulated vehicles which leads me to my next point. There is more work opportunity with a class 1 licence and if you want to just get weekend work in then this maybe the way forward (I’ve never worked a weekend shift class 2 but have worked almost every weekend class 1 since I passed my test) , assuming you have the funds and time to invest in getting your class 1. I know people who have full time jobs in the week and do the odd weekend shift driving (withing WTD rules of course) so agencies do take people for weekends.