Hi all,
Still enjoying the forum.
After recently qualifying as a Class 1 driver and offering my services for free to gain some experience, (alas, no takers! :frowning: ) all i’m looking for is the odd evening, nights or weekends, as i’ve my own business so cannot commit fulltime
I registered with Deployment, where the guys at the office were great, but still no work.
I don’t want to register with every agency under the sun, but am considering registering with Driver Hire as well, as i’ve been told previously they will take on new inexperienced drivers.
Can anybody recommend any other agencies or is it wise just to stick with a couple and see how it goes.

If you mean you offered your services free to an agency I wouldn’t have thought that was a good idea as your not likely to be taken seriously, apart from that to say you only want the odd evening night or weekend will also go against you as the agency’s will naturally give first consideration to people looking for regular work, you have to understand that an agency is also a business and they wont give a toss about helping you to get experience knowing that you’re not going to be much help to them in the future.

To be honest unless the business you run is connected with road transport why not concentrate on that and leave the driving to those who earn their living from it, I mean why would you want experience at a job you’re really only playing at, but I’ll wish you luck anyway :wink:

Sorry If that’s not what you want to hear but that’s the way I see it.

I’m a bit dubious about people asking to work for free, even if it is to get experience. Even if they send a driver double manning to gain experience both drivers should get paid. Although I did do a bit of free double manning when I qualified, :blush: but then it was with my brother and he got extra money as he was being paid percentage and we got a few extra loads done. :smiley:

Basically you’re in the normal new driver trap of trying to find somebody to give you a chance. This is made even worse by the fact that you cannot do normal hours.
It does take time and a bit of effort to get that first job.

I was in your position when I first past my test as I had a fulltime job in another industry and had no intention of truck driving full time.
Having a HGV licence and a bit of experience, thanks to my brother and then a local haulier who needed a driver for the odd weekend job.came in handy when the contracts dried up and I needed a new line of work, so you never know. :wink:

Hi guys,
thanks for the replies.
I’m not just playing at it, i’ve future plans which don’t include the business i have now, hence why i would like to get the experience.
Your right, i didn’t offer free services to agencies and never would.
Although the agencies are quite confusing, if they want a solid committment why do they advertise odd days , odd nights, odd weekends etc,
i’d rather people/companies state what they mean, which is why i appreciate your replies and honesty even if it wasn’t what i wanted to hear
take care

Sorry If I misunderstood your intentions Steve, as far as the agency’s are concerned I agree with you completely, they should be more straight with people however they are in the business of supply and demand, the agency’s I’ve dealt with and still deal with sometimes seem to be prepared to say almost anything to get people on their books just in case one day they may be able to use them, still I guess that’s the business they’re in, as far as the odd days/night ec’t are concerned agency’s will and do work this way but you will be at the bottom of the list so could be waiting for a while and this is what they may forget to tell you.

As has already been said it’s not often easy for a newcomer to get a start, all I can suggest is that you try different agency’s and keep plugging away at it until you find one that gives you work, though to be honest you may need to start on class 2 unless you already have class 2 experience, it probably depends on the work situation where you are.

Good luck.

Don’t just limit yourself to agencies, try a few hauliers, especially the smaller family type one’s, this is how I started doing weekends and the odd day.

The small hauliers often don’t use agencies, but they sometimes have a few drivers they can can call on to cover the odd job. Because they are more concerned that the job is done right you’ll get more help even from the regular drivers, especially if you remember for alot of the drivers that truck is their home for the week so treat it with respect.

Also if you get a reputation for treating truck properly, EG keeping clean, putting the straps and gear back where and the way you found it, taking all your litter out, washing it at the end of the job and not interfering with the regular drivers gear. The drivers will prefer you use thier truck than somebody else and they’ll tell the boss, also they’ll be more willing to help you.

Thanks a lot for that. :smiley: some really useful advice in there.
As for the small hauliers, i will definately try that avenue, as we do have a fair few in my locality.
Like also suggested, i will give class 2 a try to get more driving time, i know Class 1 is the ultimate goal for all hgv ers, but i realise you also gotta start somewhere, whether that be class 2 or 7.5 ton,
It’s been a childhood dream of mine which i am now able to fulfill, so as and when i can get my business sold (hopefully in the next 12 months) i should have a nice reserve buffer till i can get full time work driving the big uns.
thanks again for your replies, i really do appreciate your advice
take care