I passed my class 2 and module 4 about 2 weeks ago but license or cpc card not back yet (I have digicard). Have been doing some agency work on vans as I’m on hols from my ‘proper’ job. When I asked about getting some class 2 work they said that most companies want to see your license and cpc card, now obviously I have the certificates to prove its all been passed, so is it the agency fobbing me off with a load of rubbish or is what they say true?

No companies do like to see ur cards

As above. It will feel like forever for them to come back as well. but yes they want you to have your cards

Ok thanks guys. Have to wait then!

Pete well done on the pass,how many hours are you working on vans ? Also what hours are your proper job?.
I’m sure some one far cleverer than me will tell you properly but if your van work is a second job your only allowed every other Saturday due to weekly rest.

Don’t trip yourself up on hours and rest periods.


Hi Jeff,
Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’m using up almost my annual entitlement of holiday entitlement from my office job which is a 4 on 4 off 12 hour day deal. If I’m on hols from that and not physically working I’m ok right?!

As far as I’m aware, van work isn’t governed by the same rules as hgv, and as such the weekly rest situation won’t arise until such time as you start to drive lorries.

But I might be wrong.