Looking for decent agencies in the North East. Registered with a couple but they tend to be taking the proverbial when it comes to hourly rates. Advertising one rate and paying another. Hearing more and more of this from some other drivers I come in contact with.

whilst I work in recruitment now I drove in the north east for years, its seems the N/E is in a black hole regarding rates.

it depends who your already with TBF, think best connection in the north east paid amongst the lowest rates, don’t know if NE workforces is still going?

Spoke to a driver only the other day who walked from best connections as his wage packet was light

other I know of up there are Pertemps. blue arrow. and not sure if these are still going tyne tees recruitment (seemed to change names every year or so).

but I think the pay rates are all terrible from what I have heard (unless you can get into royal mail or the likes).

Looking at Driver Hire Teeside Class 2 is £8-£10 (more if HIAB) and Class 1 is £10-£12 (more for ADR).

don’t driver force you onto their driver hire ltd scheme? which then makes £8 not very good.


Helpful mate. Instead of being bitter because nobody wants to employ you why don’t you go tend to your garden?

Looking at Driver Hire Teeside Class 2 is £8-£10 (more if HIAB) and Class 1 is £10-£12 (more for ADR).

Maybe I was just unlucky, but in my experience Driver Hire were very poor. Limited work, usually ■■■■ jobs and I never got anywhere near £10 per hour, or even £9 per hour! IMO place of last resort.

As they’re individual franchises it wouldn’t surprise me if some offices were better/worse than others. Still it gives an indication of what should be possible pay wise.

Just registered with Blue Arrow in Newcastle last week. They phoned asking bout my availability yesterday but nothing as yet. I’m getting regular work through ADR and some of their clients are screaming out for drivers but they’re not paying decent rates. They’re rates are up and down and recently dropped one contract hourly rate by £3. Not amused!!