Agencies in Glasgow


If anyone can provide names of agencies in Glasgow that are willing to take on C+E drivers with only C experience, then please let me know.



No much chance bud without some experience . Just too quiet and experienced guys available to give newbies a try. I suggest registering for class 2 but tell them you have your class 1 aswell, plus some agencies aren’t taking new guys or there books just now either

I had my most recent agency actually ask me if I had any leads for work so what does that tell you…

try jark in bellshill 01698 745109 and ask for karen its quiet all over just now but if work comes in they let new guys have a go,but its like any where else you have to take the rubbish to start with.

Thanks mate, will give them a try. All the agents keep saying is quiet , so hopefully not to long before it picks up a bit.