After something quickly

Hi there,

I come from Southampton and as of March 17th I’ll be unemployed from my current job as a Coach Driver.

I’ve got 4 years experience driving Buses and Coaches so I’m pretty sure I can drive ‘Rigid’ vehicles without any fuss, but I don’t have any Trucking skills or experience past the DSA test pass.

Is anyone aware of ANYONE that would give me training on the job with a Full C and C+E driving licence already in hand? I would prefer Class 2 to help start me off as I can drive 12 Metre Coaches with no problem.

By the way, I am only 22 years old - that in itself doesn’t help.


bit confused :confused: :confused:
Are you getting the C & CE yourself or are you looking for a company that will pay for you etc :question: :question:

PS have you read the tips contained in my signature link :question:


Yes I already have my C (17/02/07) and C+E entitlements (12/04/07) from private training I did.

I’ve held my D Automatic since 26/02/04 and D Manual since 15/12/04.


Just pack your day bag, and, armed with calling cards with your mobile number, get your arse down to Nursling the following morning.

If you hadn’t finished up with a run by the time that you’d done the estate, then I’d be very surprised.


get on to an agency on your weekends running up to leaving,a bit of experience will give you some confidence and may lead to a full time job