Advice wanted from a Newby

Evening all, bit of ‘fatherly advice required’

Im into my last couple of years on her majesties service (not pleasure). I already have C, CE and Forklift licences, but not much in the way of experience (few weeks a few years back driving a bin lorry, and some 7.5t stuff) I, like most of my profession did my test in a W&D at leconfield, so no tractor unit/ trailer experience at all.
However, 20 odd yrs in does mean I know how to turn up on time, presentable and follow instructions!

I’d like to get some miles under my belt, and maybe earn a few quid in the process (experience looks better when job hunting for full time)
So, my questions to the board.
Digi tacho will be applied for soonest- I imagine there is no work without it?
Agencies- I assume they will be after spare drivers on the run up to xmas?
CPC- My understanding is that I’m clear until sept 14 (passed test before 09)
Refresher- Im not being daft- if i went to a yard now and they gave me the keys to a 40ft unit I’d be goosed!!- The best/ cheapest way to get some road time with someone experienced- not necessarily an instructor?

chers for reading, if you can help great, if not, feel free to take the p£ss

Ok on dcpc until 09/09/2014 - you need 35 hours of periodic dcpc before that date if you wish to continue driving LGVs commercially after that

Without digi you will really be restricted as to what you can drive

Agencies … you might be right and they will promise this and that but as to whether they deliver …

Artic experience - do you have mate who drives one and will let you have a little play on the QT ?
If not then a LGV school for 4 hours will sort you out - perhaps 30 mins un/coupling - 1.5 hours reversing and a 1 hour road drive … oh that’s only 3 hours so 1 more hour to play with

Hi deckmonkey,

I too am in my last two years of “service”. I have passed my C+E in May and since then have gained experience working for an agency. I would advise exactly as ROG has; a refresher for an artic so that you get the feel of how it manoeuvres etc… once this is done an agency would more than likely send you for an assessment with one of their blokes, blokesses. It all depends on the agency as to if they take on newbies I was lucky with Melksham being on my doorstep. Where are you located at the moment? there may be some local knowledge from the forum as to who would be best to go to.

Also as part of resettlement I have and ADR/CPC in Tidworth in December. It is a contract funded course that costs you £189 from your graduated resettlement fund and £309 from your own pocket for the exams. This is a lot less than direct Civvie Street.

Give me a PM and I’ll give you some other top tips if you want.



Ive joined the profession after leaving the RAF last year. Did my class 2 in Feb. No experience at all but got work with an agency very quickly. After a few months i got full time hiab job.I know that agencies will take on newbies. People get sent to RDC’s for a driving assessment and genrally they will take you on if you pass. As for experience you can do refreshers through driving schools but they can be expensive. Maybe you could do class 2 work for a while to get your foot in the door. From my experience there seems to be loads of rigid work out there despite the rumours. Be aware that lots of agencies want class1 drivers with 2 yrs experience.its because of driver negligence insurance. I believe that your forces background will help you above others. I reckon it helped me quickly get a job. Anyway good luck mate