advice please

Evening all, sorry to do this again but I need some more advice about something that has happened at work.

I work out off Hull doing multidrop into York city centre, and this morning I had a drop to a model shop just within the city walls.

I could have easily parked my wagon up directly outside the shop but this was have caused me to block the entire road, so I parked up on the main road outside. I have done this before and never had a problem. I did my delivery and then went back to the wagon. As I was putting my tail lift up a member of the public informed me I had got a parking ticket, I asked the warden what for as I was unloading and he pointed to yellow markings on the pavement and road,(I must admit I didnt realise what they where for!) he explained that I couldnt tip until 09.15am, the time was 09.10am.

I rang the office and then carried on.

I must point out that If I didnt park on double yellows at some point the NO drops would get done!!

I got back in at 5pm and took my notes and ticket to the office, I handed to my boss and then explained what had happened and apologised, at which point he started screaming and shouting at me saying he was sick of me saying sorry and that I was paying the ticket! I tried to explain what had happpened but he continued shouting at me, calling me all the names under the sun. At this point i calmly stated I wouldnt be paying the ticket and left the office.

Whilst I did general if we got a parking ticket the company paid for it!

what I would like to know is:-

  1. can he take the money out of my wages without my permission?

  2. Am I within my rights to refuse to pay for the ticket?

  3. Did I do the right thing by not shouting back and just walking out?

any advice on what I should do now will be gratefully recieved…

many thanks