Advice/opinions needed for job search

Here’s hoping someone could maybe help me out.

I am a class one driver with minimal experience and am wondering what some jobs are like bearing in mind some employers preferences re experience.

Passed car test 1979 and I have driven 7.5 tonne for quite a few years with small multi drop deliveries, passed class 2 in March 2002 and class 1 in March 2003. (Clean licence)

Started off at the bottom roping and sheeting Class 2 & 1, then went onto
general haulage with curtain siders and 45’ trailers.

I was tramping on general haulage but due to the way I was treated I left after 6 months and returned to a previous employer where I am now. Catch 22!! I like the firm I am with at the moment as they treat me well but it is not the long term job I would prefer. They are aware I am only there temporary but as I have been doing roping and sheeting for what seems like a lifetime I would like a change.

What I would like to know is what are the following jobs like regarding pro’s & cons - containers, fridges, heavy plant/low loaders, RDC’s etc.

Any information would be appreciated and if anyone has a job based around the Sheffield area :smiley: that would be appreciated as well LOL

Thanks for reading

Fridges LOUD but in summer lovely aand cool if set at -25 plus you do not need to unload it yourself but does get boring.
RDCs take a thick book :laughing:

If you are going to argos make sure the Red cross know so they can drop you a food parcel in.

heavy plant/low loaders

Be prepared to start at the very bottom again :open_mouth:

STGO work requires learning a whole lot of new regulations.

Many trailers are very complicated to operate and most handbooks will have long been lost :blush: the only way to learn is work alongside experienced hands as the gopher.

Forget being on your own… a second man is often required, but if you are lucky you will find an experienced Steersman to work with, a good steersman will teach you the trailers and their assistance in hand steering and directing can make all the difference

Be prepared to change many tires… OFTEN :blush:

Be prepared for Many hours sitting around … and many nights out well away from any facilities…

Learn the basics of Hydraulic systems… and be prepared to carry out your own running repairs

Have a healthy back… there is a lot of Very heavy lifting… wooden sleepers… 12"x12" blocks, heavy duty chains.

For all this…Dont expect to earn much of a premium over C&U work… wages are very similar

However if you enjoy EVERY job being a challenge, and the satisfaction of moving things that look impossible to get to their destination… then Heavy Haulage is the BEST job on the road

Why do you say you have minimal experiance, to me doing what you have done is the best way, that is how it should be done start small and work your way up, and don’t be afraid or embarrased to ask, i have been driving years but would not be able to do Low loaders or plant, did not have a clue about Fridges untill i started this job, and i start a new job on the 5th on drwbars and Demounts so i will be starting from scratch.

Containers are another job where you might need a thick book, lots of hanging around at the ports,and where they are unloaded, (depending on their contents) generaly there is no loading or unloading, so you keep fairly clean, as for experience, seems to me you are selling yourself short, you have been carrying out commercial driving for years covering some of the harder jobs, ie roping & sheeting, multi drop etc, when you go for any interview just tell them what you have been doing, but don’t tell them what you were doing it in unless they specifically ask.


Thanks for the tips lads, will have to think deeply to try and avoid screwing up by picking wrong one.

If anyone has further tips they too would be appreciated.


I know on here in the past a lot of drivers have said some pretty damming things about Irlams but they give new drivers a chance and the money for the Yorkshire / Leeds area is not too bad either £7 per hour days - £8 per hour nights. I started with them a month after passing m class 1 and whilst I was new to the industry (more or less totally) I would have preferred more time to settle into a new career the job hasn’t been too hard with the hardest bit been opening the curtains every so often to be loaded / unloaded. 99% of the vehicles in the Normanton yard are less than 18 months old and if you are prepared to put the hours in a semi decent wage is obtainable.