Advice needed.

I’ve put photos on here for a number of years and I’ve always used photobucket.
Over the years it has driven me mad as it has F***** me about from pillar to post!
Tried today on four occasions and not once been successful.
So I’m going to dump it.

Can anyone recommend a website which is more user friendly?
Any (Polite!) suggestions welcome.

I stopped using Photobucket a while back too, I don’t use another photo site I simply copy any pics to disc and when I need any take from there into the ‘My Pictures’ folder and upload from there onto any sites I use that might need a pic adding now and then, quick and simple then it can be deleted from the Pictures folder once its put onto the site I’m on at the time. I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of making sure the code was being copied ok from PB and the problems it was giving me at times. There are other photo sharing sites and your Internet Provider such as BT, Yahoo etc usually have this sort of facility. Another problem with Photobucket is when someone deletes a pic from their PB site the pic also disappears from the site it had been uploaded to, this has happened often on Trucknet.

If it’s just for putting photos on Trucknet, you can upload them directly from you computer using the upload attachment option when you go into the ‘post a reply’ option or in the start a new thread option.
I used to use photobucket to put photos on here and started using the above option instead.
It’s a lot lot faster and easier than Facebook as well!!

Thanks Folks!
I’ll try that tomorrow.