Advice needed re Truck MOT

Not a trick question but…
If there is a time lapse between the dates when an test was due, and when it was actually done, when will the next test be due?
eg. Test due in February 2005.
Test done in July 2005

Will the 2006 test need to be done in February, or July?

Any thoughts comments or ideas will be much appreciated.

If the test was done in July 2005, the next test will be due by the 31/07/2006 as truck MOT’s are valid until the last day of the month 1 year on from when they were done. It will say on the certificate when it is due. My last MOT was on 16/12/2004 and the certificate is valid until the last day of December 2005

Thanks Neil.
That’s what we were thinking, but weren’t sure if the… ‘ahem’ …lapse :blush: :blush: would make a difference.

Neil…you are so knowledgable…and i wanted to answer that one…now youve spoilt my evening…so i`m gonna sulk… :cry: :cry: :cry:

So why was the vehicle not MOT’D when it suold have been :question: I thought it was a legal requirement for the MOT to be done yearly. :question: :confused:

Plenty of reasons spring to mind Jim. Maybe the vehicle was off the road for a while having extensive repair work done after an accident, maybe it had been parked up due to lack of work or it could be any number of reasons. It only needs have an MOT if it is going on the road, if it isn’t there is no need to have the MOT done until such time as it does.


You do have to tax it if it’s off the road unless you fill out a SORN or if kept on a pulic road then it must be taxed unless it is an exempt vehicle in which case you would still have to display a current disc but not have to pay

ie a disabled driver on mobility

They dont pay anything in road tax but are still issued a dated disc to display

Why we need to display a disc is beyond me as the authorities can check if a vehicle is taxed on computer now

True Sean, and you would need the MOT to tax it but not to declare SORN. If a vehicle was of the road for an extended period, for accident repair for instance, then declaring SORN would make sense.

If your Volvo spend any more time back at the dealers maybe you should consider declaring SORN on it. :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Neil…you are so knowledgable…and i wanted to answer that one…now youve spoilt my evening…so i`m gonna sulk… :cry: :cry: :cry:

Im with Bob on this one, it was one I was certain of and wanted to get an apple from the teacher :stuck_out_tongue: