Advice appreciated as always - infringement

hi there, just need some advice/help regarding a manual entry error i did.
i got into a truck that had a very old tacho on it, it was a 59 plate can’t even remember what the tacho was called but it was old - never seen it before in my life, but here goes…
obviously like everyone knows once you put your card in, your committed…

i basically messed it up by saying i worked on my day off… didn’t put a break or anything just somehow (accidentally) worked straight 10hours. it says i started work at 4:00am and cross hammers all the way to 14:30.

so i’ve looked on tachomaster and picked up an infringement insufficient break and work period exceeded.

my question here is… in the 2 years i’ve been driving i’ve never had an infrigement up to now, i know my times, wtd and eu legislation pretty good, don’t usually have any problems… with any tacho apart from this one.
(haven’t had that truck since, but ill refuse to put my card in until i get shown how to do it correctly)

Basically what happens now? im pretty scared that if vosa pull me for whatever reason, with this new law on 28days on your card they could do me for breaking 2 rules straight up… even tho it was a manual entry error and i ACTUALLY didn’t work at all. i messed it up take it on the chin.

any advice or help?

Mistakes happen. If your card is clean apart from that and you explain what happened without an attitude you’ve nothing to worry about. Vosa man is also human and can use his discretion.

Your ■■■■■■ & going straight to hell, Or you could keep a record explaning your mistake & if you have time sheets that that you can copy to show the chaps that you had a day off would be very handy…


yeah, I’ve got print outs from the 19/03 up to the 22/03 showing my Monday as my last day before my weekly rest… and then Thursday as my return date with what i did for that day.

thanks for clearing that up for me.

( there’s still a few good people out there, hey!)

Truck drivers are human…you can make all sorts of errors when messing around on the main menu…no problem…just do a manual print out and write the mistake on the back, date and sign …wash and rinse.

Just make sure the tacho has been calibrated and the sticker is present…should be calibrated every two years I believe.

My one infringement…

Last year? Being on other duties for 4 days.

Sh*t happens and people press the wrong button.

Relax, nothing’s gonna happen.

My one infringement…

Last year? Being on other duties for 4 days.

Sh*t happens and people press the wrong button.

Relax, nothing’s gonna happen.


Fluffy kittens will die, and Easter bunnies eaten.

Dont let dvsa rule your life. Its just an infringement, you really do have nothing to worry about. Just put it down to a silly mistake and forget about it…

Personally I’d write an explanation on a printout, it will just show that you’re aware of the mistake then if you get stopped it might save you a small lecture.

You’ll get an infringement off your company but as has been said it’s nothing to bother about, [zb] happens.

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