ADR training straight away?

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So I’ve only been driving Class 1 since December, doing 2/3 days a week for a local haulage company but have been told by my employer that they won’t need me full time for a couple of months. So because my ambition is to eventually go on to tankering, would it be worth doing my ADR training now while I’ve got the time?

And also if for some reason my employer no longer requires another full time driver, would the ADR certificate(s) improve my CV and chances of getting a full time Class 1 job, even without the experience?

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One thing is for certain, you wont get an ADR job without it. If it’s in your mind to go for tankers in the future, it makes sense IMO to get it under your belt whilst you have the time.

You may well get 28 hours driver cpc as a direct result of doing ADR - - check with your provider.

Fees rarely go down. We currently charge £450 fully inclusive to Trucknet users.

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I wouldn’t bother with adr mate, I’ve got it (inc tanks) and have only ever used it to once. You’re better off waiting for your employer to put you through it than pay yourself. Most general hauliers will provide it free to you after a bit. Also assuming you’ve just passed you won’t get tanker work as a new driver, probably need 2 years experience for such high risk work, by which time the adr will have run out as it needs re doing every couple of years. Therefore it’s a waste of your money.

I’ve used my ADR loads, but I do live near a refinery.

Did mine 18 months ago … and never used it, I did get it CPC accredited though so not a complete waste of time and the qualification is valid for 5 years so there is still time for it to come in handy.

That’s what I thought too, the ADR needs renewing every 5 years NOT 2!

The ADR is valid for 5 years after you passed.

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