ADR Spec !

Hi All,

Can anyone advise me how much it would cost to bring a truck up to ADR Spec to pull Tankers, or is it worth buying one ex big fuel company.
Thing is that I need to have a decent sleeper on mine and nearly all ex fuel company trucks are day cabs !
And how much it would cost !
Any advice would be greatly appreciated …

Thank you

Rob :blush:

Sorry,misread the OP

i would defo think you be changing truck

… ADR Spec to pull Tankers, …

Hi Rob,

There are several specs, depending on the type of tanker you wish to pull.

If you mean to pull a petrol tanker, then you’d need FL spec (used to be called ‘Pet Regs’) but IMHO this would be quite expensive as a retro-fit.

Hi Diesel Dave,

I just wanted to pull mostly Derv and Kero but would have it so I could do Petrol too !
Any idea of the cost and companys you could recommend …


Rob :laughing: :smiley:

Just to hijack, to pull ADR in packages on a curtain trailer, bog standard stuff do you just need the orange plates & fire extinguishers?

@ the op, you need to buy specifically if you’re pulling tankers, not worth a fudge job as the Gestapo will be up you like a Ferrett up a trouser leg if anything goes pear shaped.

Engine fire screen,lowerd air intake,forward mounted exhaust,full isolator switching,earth return wiring and armoured rear windows,then your oil free compressor for blowing product or hydraulic pump and PTO unit.

Lot of money.