ADR re-training

Ive held my ADR ticket for 4 years (7 classes inc tanks + packs) and Ive never really used it, But Im in the re-training 5th year where I need to resit the refresher before Feb 05, the question is, is it worth the effort paying for my own re-training considering the lack of financial rewards in holding a ADR, I knew before i took the initial course that there was good financial (££) rewards where ok back then, but nowadays Im not so sure if is worth spending my money to get a renewal considering the “premium” paid for holding ADR these days.
what do you lot think??

There is good money to be had on ADR if you look for it - especially on tanks. If you plan on doing the same work you’re doing now where the extra money isn’t much different to the normal non-ADR rate then I wouldn’t bother as you’ll only wind up breaking even, if at all.

Hoyer’s at Huddersfield are offering £30k/year on tanks… It’s your call at the end of the day.