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I’m starting an ADR course tomorrow, and I was wandering if anyone could tell me what to expect. One thing which is worrying me is, according to the info pack you take all the exams at the end of the week and not straight after that particular part of the course, it seems a lot to remember, i.e; by Friday will I remember what we learnt on Monday morning.


the exams are multiple choice questions paul, its really easy to do and i wouldnt worry too much. a lot of it is common sense. good luck-jon

Yep mulitple choice, there is usually two obvilously wrong answers and two could be answers. Also its worth reading all the questions beforehand, as they sometimes give the answer in asking another question :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :smiley:

Easiest course you will ever do, I have not heard of one person failing!

The guy who teaches it around our way, pays for the course again(out of his own pocket) if you fail any part of it, And he is Scottish :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: So I guess it is safe to say that you will pass!

As everyone has already said it’s dead easy m8, multiple choice 4 answers but only 2 are possibilities. :wink:

Thanks for the repiles, and putting my mind at ease , its ages since i’ve been in a classroom and the old grey matter is wearing a bit thin.


Thanks for the repiles, and putting my mind at ease , its ages since i’ve been in a classroom and the old grey matter is wearing a bit thin.


It could be anorexic mate and you still wouldn’t have any problems. :wink:
Are you doing tanks as well?

Yep, as everyone says at least 2 of the 4 questions can be discounted straight away as they are usually just plain daft.

Common sense will then usually suffice to find the correct answer out of the remaining 2.

I did mine a few weeks ago, and am quite frankly horrified as to just how easy it is to gain a licence to move some pretty nasty stuff about on the public roads. I’m pretty sure 95% of the countries drivers could pass the exams without any tuition at all.

Got the licence through from the DVLA within a week, despite the examiner saying it can take up to 6 weeks.

Hello folks…

The ADR course…

I’ve found it interesting reading the different posts, thanks to all…but I wonder if anyone can give me an idea of what is actually involved in one of these courses. A local firm to me wants 400 quid (my pound sign stopped working!) for a week’s tuition. However, I thought, if it really is that easy, multiple choice and all, isn’t there somewhere on the net where I can find all the questions and answers and then just do the test off my own bat, so to speak, like you can with the theory?

I’ve heard about the First Aid bit, what does that involve? Mouth to mouth on greasy truckers? :frowning:

If I must do a week’s jumping through hoops, can anyone give an idea of what the hoops are like, and how many I will have to jump through each day?

Thanks, and Happy New Year… :slight_smile:

(I’m just off to put my tracksuit on…)

iv been thinking about doing ADR again. i let it expire last time. how much am i looking at?

I am trying to avoid renewing mine at all costs :laughing:

I have had ADR for the last 20 years, but never earnt any more money than a bloke doing general :exclamation:

It is like a red rag to a bull, or an orange plate to a ministry man :open_mouth:

For all the tear arse drivers who want the speed limit raised, the limits for me in Europe with hazardous are 80kmh / 50mph on motorways and 60kmh / 37mph on other routes

By the way, the ADR course is simple to pass

I have done the same as you Wheel Nut. For exactly the same reasons.
I first did ADR when I was in the army, based in Germany. I was on an RAF air station. The RAF insisted on us having ADR (although it was called HazMat then), so we were qualified (?) to go into their bomb dump to collect our ammunition.

I did a HazMat/HazChem course, as part of my leaving course package :smiley: , which covered all the usual classes, ie except Explosives and Radioactives. When ADR came in, the agency I worked for (BRS Taskforce) put me through the same package at a cost of £500 ish.
When that was almost out of date I renewed it myself, the same package. The renewall cost about £300.

In all that time I have only ever been paid extra for an ADR job, when I worked for the agency.
I had an interview for a job, where the job ad insisted on the aplicant having ADR. When I was told the rate of pay I asked if that was for general haulage work. The boss said yes, so I asked about the ADR rate, to which I was answered, “Oh thats the same rate”. He looked extremely confused when I pointed out that I had paid a lot of money for my ADR cert, I therefore expected to be paid more for ADR to recupe that extra.
It always seeme to be that way, from what I have seen, in the transport business.

we get paid extra for ADR or HIAB. i have done my HIAB course but didnt stay with the agency long enough to collect my certificate. the work had dried up and i couldnt live on nothing so i left

took mine a few years ago and it was a piece of cake…even a young kid with a bit of savvy could pass it…but alas it has now run out and i`m not forking out £275 (truckworld) to take it again…its not worth the hassle…and doesnt bring much more rewards…my old boss used to get the same rates for a journey with or without hazchem…and what with all the equipment thats needed to pump off loads…pumps…hoses. safety equip etc…its not worth the investment, but if your geared up to do container tanks…ie units and container trailers for tanks then you have no choice…unlike normal containers where they are normally backloaded or lifted off or exchanged…tank containers normally are run back to where you lifted them on and shipped out empty…or lifted off nearby for storage so there was a lot of empty running…
have a nice day