ADR Booked, Need Advice!

Alright, so I’ve spoken with a couple of people on here regarding the ADR, I’m booked in for tankers and packages in early December in Ellesmere Port, but I just wanted to ask if anybody out there knows a way of getting a heads up?

I like to be prepared, with the theory and CPC module, I found study material (or at least a syllabus for the mod 2) and when I went for my tests, I fully knew what to expect. I have no idea what to expect with the ADR training. I’d just like a few pointers, hints and tips as to what to expect. Is there any givens on the ADR, that haven’t changed recently? Anything obvious?

Really wish I could get my hands on some study material, but as others have said, it changes so often, that any material could be out of date by now.

Any replies would be muchos appreciated!

Just completed mine on Monday we went through the core stuff Tuesday went through packages Wednesday went through the classes then on Thursday did 5 exams online which where
Core 24 Q’s
Packages 20 Q’s
Common classes 15 Q’s
Group A
Classes 2 3 6 8 36 Q’s
Group B
Classes 4 5 9 18 Q’s

All were multiple choice abcd

Then Thursday afternoon and Friday morning went through tankers with exam at dinnertime

Tankers 20 Q’s

Found out within 10 mins that I’d passed everything just before we left the chap checked online and the exams were down as being marked and processed and said we should have our cards by midweek next week

Fire triangle got mentioned loads extinguishers eac code markings kemler plates mawp bleve foot valves open and closed filling etc all came up in exams spent lot of time on limited quantities but nothing came up in exam regarding that

Good job mate, glad you got through it.

What was it like? Easy? Hard? Does it sink in properly? How long roughly do you spend learning an individual topic?

It weren’t too bad one bit could be 15 mins and another could be and hour as long as you know what the classes are you’ll be alright.

And what’s surprised me is the exams I did on Thursday and my cards turned up today so 48 hrs

That’s not too bad. Nothing worse than having to wait on something coming in the post.

Cheers for that Duckie. I’m weirdly looking forward to doing it, even though it is a week sat in a class room, once I’ve got that out f the way with, I’ve got a job lined up on the tankers.

Good luck with your job!