ADR and breakdown assist

If a vehicle breaks down and is carrying dangerous goods and has to be towed.
Does the recovery driver also have to be ADR trained and the recovery vehicle to display the orange plate to be able to recover the vehicle?.

Just a thought.

No, the recovery driver does not need ADR but the driver of the disabled truck must travel with him - but I stand to be corrected by those who, er, correct.

Don’t think the orange rectangle is required either.

I asked this very question last month when I done my ADR. Apparently the recovery driver doesn’t require an ADR as long as the driver of the broken down vehicle is present. Recovery driver just has to be made aware that the truck contains hazardous materials. One thing though, is the that some police forces insist that recovery drivers DO have to have their ADR to gain police contracts, though this is not a legal thing, just a condition of the contract.

Both posts are quite correct, it’s health and safety going mad, but alas some police forces are now insisting on ADR qualified recovery drivers.

First two posts, correct.

Niel, it’s not health and safety gone mad, there’s a good reason for it. Quite often, the original driver of the ADR vehicle isn’t with the vehicle.

It’s no good rocking up on scene, loading a petrol tanker, asking where the driver is only to be told he’s in hospital/nick/heaven.

Want some examples:
Stolen petrol tanker. Drivers done a runner, tanker needs recovering.
Drivers taken ill, rushed to hospital, artic o the hard shoulder.
RTA, driver’s been injured, gone to hospital,
Drivers pished, been arrested and gone to the station. Don’t laugh, this has happened (loaded with cans of paint thiners).

As for the orange plates on the wrecker, VOSA told me yes, Police told me no.

As said above we had to have it to gain a police contract on light recovery.
When on heavys I never had it but driver was alway with me.