ADR after 5 years then what?

I took all ADR packages in my last but one job, but never took up a ADR job because i went into a factory.
That was ten years ago. This maybe a daft question but do i have to take them all again or just do a refresher course ■■

Unfortunately you need to do the whole course all over again.

If your ticket had almost run out (about 3 months to go), you could have done a refresher course. As soon as it runs out you have to redo the complete course all over again.

Being as you are asking, have you got a job where you need it, or have you been offered a job on condition of having it? I did mine about 10 years ago, it cost my employer about £500. I redid it, as a refresher, getting on for 5 years ago which cost me £300. Inflation will have put it up some more. So, if you plan to do it I hope its going to be worth your time and money.

no job, just needed to know. thanks

having just looked into the costings of doing the re-fresher sometime this year, hargreaves have quoted me: £210 + £36.75 vat = £246.75 for the 3 day refresher, C&G exam fees are £5.50 per exam paper! + vat,and a certification fee of £2.50 + vat is also charged. but the courses are done on a monthly basis. so if you are re-doing 7 classes (inc tanks and packages) thats about £340!!!
but dont forget itll cost a lot more if you have to re-sit the full course, which you`ll have to do if you go beyond the 5 years of the licence before re-newing it