added to the user agreement today

TruckNet UK is a forum for discussing the transport industry overall and truck driving in particular- all discussions/interaction should be based on that. We have a singular forum for non truck driving discussion (Bully’s bar). From the date of posting all content that is not on topic will be removed.

If you want to discuss your ■■■■■■ exploits, your kinship or otherwise with other nationalities, the art of DIY or any other subject there are other forums out there that cater for this… sign up and use them, TruckNet UK is not Facebook and a free for all… it is transport focused. - keep it on topic or it will be removed.

Will no longer be tolerated- if in the view of the admin team your posts are simply one line trolling and not posted to contribute/ add value to a discussion they will be removed… the arbitors of this will be the admin team.

Random crap
Posts that do not make any sensible contribution to the forum will simply go
the arbitors of this will be the admin team.

Baiting other members
Posting simply to get a rise out of another/other members will simply lead to the poster no longer being able to post without their posts being scrutinised first no warnings- it will just happen.
the arbitors of this will be the admin team.

Every post has a report button, If you feel a post has gone to far report it to the moderating team - we cannot and do not read every post and rely on members to draw our attention to posts that may have gone to far. If you dont report it dont complain that we havent dealt with it
From the date of this post it is agreed by all users that these guidelines are accepted by them, if you dont feel you can use this website within these guidelines please do not visit here or use the service provided

This is not open for discussion- either use this forum as the owners intended it to be used or do not come here

This is now part of the user agreement for continued use of this website- if you feel you cant use this website under these terms please feel free not to come here- continued use of this website from todays date by anyone is acceptance of these terms and conditions- if you need help to stay away e-mail or PM me and we can help by putting your account to read only

If you wish to ■■■■■, moan, whine tell us we are nazis etc the thread to do it in is here

But be warned - use this forum as intended or dont use it at all…