Accuracy of Routing Software

Hi guys,
full disclaimer first: I’m not a truck driver but a software engineer.

As such, I was interested in getting some feedback on how accurate current SatNav/Routing solutions are. In particular, I was wondering if you have trouble with your current truck routing software because:

a) It uses streets that are not accessible (width, height or weight of the truck)
b) It uses areas of the town that are restricted
c) The suggested routes are not optimal (fuel consumption, parking spaces, traffic jams)
d) It is not up to date with road closures

Could you tell me which of those are a major problem and if there are any other problems related to routing that I’m missing?

Thank you very much,

Problems with streets are usually down to the mapping provider missing out a weightlimit or one that’s been in place between surveys so not much can be done about it as that data is held in the map if it’s not up to date with traffic then that’s down to the uks traffic service

Thanks for the answer. So everything else (height limits for tunnels, etc.) is not an issue?

Regarding the weight limit: I thought about a system that would use Google Street View to scout the route beforehand and identify any signs that limit the weight, then report back so an alternative route can be found. Would that work?

That might work ,but anything you do needs testing next to another satnav , that will give you a comparison and also the tester can note discrepancies in your system.
Also best done under proper conditions rather than laboratory conditions.

The weight and height limits are embedded in the map not overlayed as a poi in the navteq or teleatlas can’t remember who bought who? So adding to look for poi is weight limit maybe more hassle than its worth

The major issue as I see it is in the map data where height/width/weight restrictions are concerned. Low bridges at are easily dealt with by marking a short stretch of road as “unavailable” to vehicles that are too high. But weight (and sometimes width) restrictions often apply to areas rather than single locations. Satellite navigation devices such as TomTom typically only have the entry points to such areas marked.

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