Accident near rugby!

Just heard from the good lady that there was a fatal truck crash involving 3x trucks near rugby last night. She heard on the TV news that it was a truck driver that has unfortunately lost his life.

If this is true, RIP driver.

Its a sad reflection of our industry that it could happen to anyone of us at any time.

Stay safe everyone!

Yeah it happend on the northbound side of the M6 which is unusual as its always the southbound side the serious and fatal accidents happen around there. It happend just after 23:30 last night and is still shut.


I came past Corley svcs s/b at about 10 pm last night heading to park in Nuneaton. Among the myriad of gantry informed road closures was one stating that there was no entry to the M1 s/b from the M6. This was prior to the fatal so I imagine that the traffic will have been diverting off at Rugby so I wonder if this was a contributary factor?

Regardless it’s sad when someone sets out to do their job and never returns.

it happened not far from the a14 onto the m6 northbound slip road so wonder if that had a contributing factor. also the fog was pea soup thick last night around there when i went passed it southbound. but trucks where still banging passed me on the limiter. wasn’t a pretty site, Rip driver

R.I.P Driver. Another one gone :cry: :cry: :cry: