Accident j18ish m1 last night

has anyone got any info on the smash that happened just past j18 last night? on my phone atm and couldnt find any details on it. It appeared to be a something which once was an artic and trailer went into the back of a tnt truck, looked ■■■■■■■ horrific, don’t think anyone in rear most truck would have survived it, hope that’s not the case, but it didn’t look good. :frowning:

Stay safe out there folks

The M1 has re-opened in Northamptonshire after a three lorry pile-up closed the motorway for more than eight hours early today./strong>
The accident happened at about 11.10pm on the southbound section between junctions 16 and 17, just north of Watford Gap services.

The collision involved three articulated lorries, a red Scania driven by a 41 year old man from Rugby, an orange Mercedes, driven by a 45-year-old man from Rushden and a blue Foden, driven by a 69-year-old man from Nottingham.

The three lorries ran into each other resulting in the driver of the Scania being trapped in the vehicle for more than two hours and sustaining serious head and leg injuries.

He was taken to Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry where he is receiving treatment.

The driver of the Mercedes was taken to Northampton General Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Crews from Mereway, The Mounts and Long Buckby were called to the scene to help free the Scania driver from the wreckage.

The carriageway was re-opened at around 7am.

Police would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed this incident or who may have any information regarding it.

Anyone with information or who witnessed this incident is asked to call the Drivewatch Hotline on 0800 174615 or send an SMS text to our textline on 07765 637201.

Drove past shortly after it happened, before they shut the road, looked like the scania had not seen the foden stopping/slowing due to roadworks, lane 2/3 shut in 800 yds, he ended up jack knifed with the back of truck/trailer over the hardshouder armco, a cab trapped between his and foden trailer, the third vehicle hit the rear of that.
I did note the back 2 vehicles were both pulling TNT trailers, and were possibly running together, unfortunatly on this occasion to closely.
Hope the driver makes a swift and full recovery, and realises he is a lucky man to survive that one.

‘…looked like the scania had not seen the foden stopping/slowing due to roadworks…’

Note to self: Stop neglecting to dab the brake to send the slow-down message - especially if it’s as big as me :blush: :wink:

Working for TNT myself as a driver and talking to one of our night trunker drivers tonight who does the run up to the hub, only 1 TNT lorry (merc) was involved, the driver surprisingly from the TNT lorry survived even though the cab was a pretty much flattened but have heard that the guy in the 3rd lorry had died from his injuries.

Apparently the TNT lorry ran in to the back of the trailer of the 1st lorry and the final lorry ploughed in to the back.

TNT dont take these accidents happening lightly, even the slightest of accidents and you have to have a driving assessment and a computer course. And know that they will help in any way possible with everyone

If its true what i have heard, my heart goes out to the family of the deceased.

I travel alway at night and recently there was some bad RTA M1 j18 2 day before that M1 just after J21a, on another hand I was force to hard shoulder twice last week on M40 no road works or nothing some drivers just don’t pay attention and they don’t know how long the unit is in my case i will not name the company and the reg of the vehicle but come one overtaking me and then my cab is in middle of there trailer and start moving to left lane, if there was some one broken on hard shoulder want have much chance, it did happens twice but there is something wrong with some of the drives at night, on another hand is problem with car drivers you aproach road works it say 50mph but car drivers will keep carry on at 70-80mph and then from 3 lanes down to 1 they will brake and force the way in front of the truck so the truck driver has to break and if you have truck behaind you and not paying attention next thing you know he’s in your back.

One of our drivers was involved all i know as i personally dont know him just what i have been told. It took the fire brigade 2 hrs to cut him out and he had broken legs and arms and needs surgery to the face although he is home now apparently. We got our trailer back yesterday . No one died if TNT survied and it seems he was in the middle and we was at the back he survived. Lesson we have come to learn don t drive so close? Or on the phone or what ever!!! both were lucky to survive our truck is in the ■■■■■■ yard at Newport pag serv north waiting for vosa to get it. Hope the TNT driver gets well soon.