About time?

I’ve seen nowt in the trucking press yet,but in our local rag last night there was an article about driving schools and driving tests,(HGV), and it states that as from November 15th,HGV driving tests must be taken in a loadedvehicle.
Surely this is a good thing and about time too!

They should be made to swap from a loaded trailer to an unloaded trailer as both handle differently.

I reckon there will be a severe hike in price for lessons/tests putting off newbies wishing to get their licence. Not exactly helping the “driver shortage”.

? What “driver shortage” ?

We’ve got a Million Romanians & a Million Bulgarians on their way here, who will be prepared to Tramp for £1 an hour. The Bosses are Rubbing their Hands in Glee, knowing that their profits ££££££££ are going to Double or even Quadruple next year. ! (Tesco’s are already doing it in Kent )


better get them ibc’s glued on the back or the diesel fairies will have em for the back of the ■■■■■■ vans :astonished: