About the Test post Forum category

As requested by a poster in the Feedback Forum, this is a forum for posters to practice their posting skills. It will also serve for coaching purposes for those able to offer tips and tricks

The idea is that posters can practice the skills needed for enjoyable use of the new Discourse platform such as quoting, formatting text, adding pictures etc, so nothing in here is ‘for real’ because this practice forum is deliberately kept out of the other category headings.

We ask that you use this forum as intended please.

I’m not trying to be funny or trite here Dave, but don’t you agree that it speaks volumes about the new format that it’s even considered that a subsection needs to be created for people to practice posting? It’d be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

This new access aid appears weeks after the new site is up and running…
But only a couple of days after WinSeer finds it…

Look I ain’t accusing Diesel Dave of anything, but it can’t be a coincidence can it!

I’m not sure what’s “tragic,” because the original idea for this came from a poster in the feedback forum who requested it.


As for “laughable,” once I’d spotted the request, I could see the need for it due to the number of people who were struggling with some of the new features… especially me too at first!!

I guess it could be thought of as laughable by those who were already familiar with this format of forums, but wouldn’t you agree that not everybody had that knowledge at the start?

As an aside, your post is off-topic, cos it’s actually feedback. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Following on from my reply to maoster, I’m afraid that I can’t speak to how/when WinSeer found it.

I’d spotted the suggestion in the Feedback forum, but I’ll admit that the reasons it took me a while to create the new forum was that I’m extremely busy in my work AND I had to work out how to do it.

Anyway, the new forum is here for those who wish to make proper use of it.

Just checking to see what a post looks like.