Abingdon and Leicester run again


I have just got a call from agency to do the sheffield to abingdon
and then abingdon to leicester and then leicester
back to sheffield next friday and I was wondering is there
any better routes from leicester than taking the m1 north on friday
afternoon. I got told last time to leave it on Jam Butty (square box with
diagonal line through it) as driving is recorded automatically and then
press button 1 to put on bed symbol when on rest. I hope this time
all goes well and I put the chart under that flap this time.

is there a better way north other than the M1 on a friday afternoon? if there is me about thousand other truck drivers would like to know about it!

Cheers paul b for the reply it looks as though it’s the M1 again then.

to be honest, i came up today from 23A at about three o’clock and it weren’t bad at all, apart from some numpty who’d run into the back of a car with his van near j25 and decided to leave the van halfway between lane two and three instead of putting it on the hard shoulder! :unamused:

Last thursday I came up the M1 north from leicester and it was not to bad only slowed down to 40mph about 2 to 3 times. Maybe be a little busier next week with it being good friday but hopefully be back around 17:00 hours again
but the job is easy and paid by the hour.

I came up the M1 from j28 today about 5.45 pm not bad at all. Since a couple of weeks after Christmas it has been a lot better. Still can be slow at times but its the only way which is why everybody and thier grandmorther are using it.