a5 rest stop

any of you guys and gals that do nights out and looking for a alternate to the hollies on the a5,well look no more the truckers rest further towards cannock as reopened 24 hours a day .

this place used to close its gates after buisnessso there was no overnight parking avalible but it looks like things have changed and new owners are running the place.
not actually been in yey but the cafe its self looks like a cleaner option the the hollies and the staff may want to serve you when you get up in he morning :confused:


I went past it a couple of times this week but didn’t stop it looks clean and there is plenty of parking if you want to meet up for a coffee Jonboy then pm me and you can have my number and we could let everybody know what it’s like. :sunglasses:

I stopped at the Hollies sat. night 2 weeks ago. Walked down to the pub for a couple of amber one’s to wash the dust of the road down with :laughing: which was mobbed out & lots of young kids in aswell (after 10pm) :question: :question: :question:
Got chatting to a local guy & he was telling me there was this place just past the pub & was likely cleaner (not difficult!) & better.
He also says something about some hotel (or Grange?). Keep on towards Cannock to RAB, turn right & it was down that road on the left. Room to park trucks on the hotel car park behind the hotel. No charge if u buy a beer or and/or meal.
Go search for it, in the dark, with a trailer on at your own risk :exclamation:

I was at the Hollies on Tuesday lunchtime for a spot of Kate and Sydney Pie,peas and chips.(BURP)

Surely its time that lorry park was tarmaced?? :imp:

called in the truckers rest the other morning

£5 overnight parking ,£1 for a shower
tea 65p
coffee 75p
steak and kidney pie,braised steak all the usual stuff £3.95

well worth a visit


last time i was there although a few years me and my second man had food poisioning hope its changed for the better