A420 Shrivenham Bypass, closed from next week

A420 between Swindon & Farringdon.
They’re closing it from 23/07/14 for 7 weeks !
So stay away until mid September.
If you’re coming from Oxford to Swindon or vies versa use A34-M4 (takes about 20/25 minutes longer)

This information has been brought to you care of Viking Industry’s Travel Information Department.

Went down the 420 Saturday and saw the signs, its going to cause pandemonium.

Lots of road works going on down that way, they were setting out the road for gritting N/B on the 420 just before the LandRover garage when i went past Southbound at around 6am, i bet that caused some havoc for the Sat shoppers later on, didn’t bother finding out on the way back i carried on to the A34 and came up.
They also had the M40/A34 junction down to a single lane at the lights S/B Saturday i was early enough going South so didn’t bother me, but caused quite a queue N/B as well later on so nipped up the old road through Weston on the Green.

Ducking and diving needed wherever you’re going these days.

Just went up it this morning & they were gritting at the end of the duel carriageway near the landrover garage at 07.00. I was stopped for a good 10 minutes, when they finally let us through my mate behind me got stopped for another 10 minutes LOL.
The traffic coming from Swindon was backed up for about 3 miles.
A34/M40 is a total Pain & I don’t suppose it will get much better when they’ve finished the roadworks.

They love to mess about with that road, can’t see why a trunk road needs to be closed for roadworks in this day and age-close one side, sort it and close the other (this has been done in the county before). “Use alternative route” in Oxfordshire really means “■■■■■■■■ to you, it’s closed…”
Then you pass the patronising sign from Oxon County Council proudly proclaiming “repairing the roads for YOU.” :unamused: :imp:

can’t you go through Shrivenham itself? don’t think it’s a weight-limit.

If you are right that would cause havoc once everyone had figured out there’s a cut through!

i’ll keep quiet about that then :smiley:

Bit of useless A420 trivia; When you drive towards Swindon, the arch of the railway viaduct you pass under near Shrivenham, was originally used by the Wilts-Berks Canal. The canal is actually still there, silted up under all those hedges as you drive near the railway viaduct.