A303 accident 2/7/13

Every time I’m on this road there’s a bad accident but yesterday scuppered a lot of people. Is this a particularly bad road or junction?

First of all my thoughts go to the victim and the families.

So I was coming past wincanton just before meere and the army had closed the road, just a coach full of squaddies parked across the road. Unfortunately the only option I had at the time was to 180 and take the meere junction.

Needless to say they had no diversion or any idea of the best route for the truck so I b laned it aiming for the A30 which was also blocked so I ended up on roads I would t take a transit on aiming for a main road.

Obviously my issues were nothing In comparison to what was going on but a road like this which can be very fast and accident proned with some of the slopes and weather shouldn’t there be a suggested diversion route. Most truckers pulled up and was going to break for a 9 but that was not an option for me,

Main point of focus, what route would you guys have taken in a artic from meere for future refrence

It’s can be a bad road but there is lots of diversions depends were you want to head

head up to Frome from mere up thro Maiden bradley B30920 i think then around Frome by pass then down the A36 to wylie !! simple good roads no mirror bending !!

This is why a map will beat sat-nav hands down because you can look see what the possible diversions look like and compare them.

I have a map a very good one! Unfortunately a map don’t show steep hills or sharp curves for artics,
My main problem was once they had turned me around there was not one single lay by where I could pull over to look. And if there was a lay by it was already taken,

And cheers for that route suggestion, will keep that in mind for future reference. Bound to be stuck there again at some point

Why did the army close the road? I didn’t think they had any authority on public roads.

They don’t but I’m guessing because there is a base yards away and the police where so busy they got involved, either that or a army service person / vehicle was involved, just a big plain white coach full of squaddies parked across the road

Why did the army close the road? I didn’t think they had any authority on public roads.

Under normal circumstances they don’t what they do have however are some real Gucci firearms and yer average motorist doesn’t! :smiley: