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This should be fun


Ooh! we mustn’t hold up the locals as we leave the busiest port in Europe must we? some of the 22,000 people who work in and around the port should accept that lorries pay their wages…

They should flatten Dover Town and make it into a lorry park :slight_smile:

My answer is bring in a Road only for trucks and ban all cars and vans
except for the enforcement officers, Let them have a taste of their own medicine, we have lanes for trucks only in some country s and this works
revenge is sweet :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well they can ■■■■ right off if they think I am going to observe that ban. If I’m running out of there with four or five ton on I ain’t going to sit behind a fully freighted truck, not when I can easily do 50mph up there.

I have come up here numerous times over the years and same as any other road with a hill, traffic can be slow!!! I have also used the section on the A14 and M42 and in all the time this stupid rule was in place can i honestly say, was there a twit with a clip board and hi-vis vest monitoring the traffic can any one else vouch for this?? It is the same all over the country!! along with safety cameras which are sited at ACCIDENT BLACKSPOTS!!!
Pray tell me how when the new M8/M9 intersection at Newbridge was opened there were speed cameras installed from the day it was opened, u cant get any accident data from a new road!!!
The same will happen on the A20, after 12 months they will come out and say “Hey this overtaking ban is absolutely fab, lets make it full time!!!”
But then again why not do as the French do and Block the ■■■■■■ road!!!

Being a daily user of this stretch both out of and indeed into Dover the upward (Westbound)
stretch is a potential problem at peak times but manily caused by the “New” breed of
foreign registered truck who seems to be out to cause havoc by attempting an inpossible
They wander and weave all over the road with the excitement at being in our Great country.
The problem is actually on the downward stretch (Eastbound) heading into the Port causing congestion on the A20 and right through to the Port,
Again… the foreign registered trucks will not wait in the left hand lane and wait … No they try to push in all over the place.
I very often cannot get out of the office to get home and have my tea without waiting to merge into the traffic flow … or lack of it !!

Well I came up the hill today for the first time since the signs went up and for the whole of the hill there was a queue of traffic in both lanes doing the same speed as me, Oh and all because of a car towing a caravan trying to get passed me, he managed at the top of the hill, I would usually ease off, but as it wasn’t a truck I didn’t bother, the signs suggested to me that by stopping a truck overtaking the problem would go away… Just goes to show :unamused:

I think it was obvious that these restrictions were coming, and now they can do them I think they’ll go over board with them. Has anybody seen the evidence of better traffic flows after thier introduction. I’ve done a couple of weekend car trips to Essex recently to see friends and family and find that traffic is queued up lane 2 or 3 because nobody moves over when they overtake slower traffic.

A better option would be for the police to start on the spot fines for bad lane discipline, that would halve congestion in a week.
but with regard to the A20 I can’t say I have ever noticed a problem there anyway, most of the traffic has just come off a ferry so have already been held up by a french blockage most likely so 30 seconds added to their journey home won’t make much difference in the big scheme of things