A16 E40 Calais Belgium corridor

A16 e40 calias to Belgium corridor.

Any one on here regularly the A16 E40 route on banned Sundays , bank hols etc? I understand from an old post on here that its open 365 days of the year for non ADR loads.

I plan using this route on Saturday 15 August which is one of special French summer Saturday bans where the Lorry ban is from 0700 until 1900.

Can Anyone confirm its open for use and if possible a link to where the use of the corridor is documented? I have searched intensively and cannot find anything. Thanks.

So far as I was aware,the corridor is open all the time,no ban.Obviously only from Calais to the border though.

there is no driving ban on the corridor from Calais to Belgium or the other way.

Thanks for the answers both, Yes I shall be heading for the Eurotunnel and will be driving directly there.