A14 Wednesday night

Does anyone know what happened on the A14 at Bury St.Edmunds on Wednesday? I was driving from Northwich to Felixstowe and at the bottom end of the M6 signs flashed up saying “A14 closed after A1302” to which my reaction was “where is the A1302?!?!” Anyhow I tuned into the last traffic report on Radio 2 at about 7pm and it made no mention of it so I presumed it had all cleared up and pressed on. Anyway just before Bury all the laybys were jam packed and minutes later the traffic came to a sudden halt and we all got diverted through Bury and came back on at the sugar factory junction. It must have taken the best part of an hour and I ended up going over my 4 1/2 hr driving period. I was told by one person that there was an accident between a truck and a car, and another said something had happened with a tanker which then shed its load all over the road??

there was a car with the roof cut off in a ditch just before the beet factory but i only saw it friday on my way home. could of been the reason but might not of happened wednesday.

Firstly it was an over turned army lorry, then an accident involving the car later on :wink:

Thanks guys.

Talking of army lorries. I was going up the A1 a few weeks ago to Birtley and somewhere near Durham the traffic ground to a halt. A short distance further there was one of them old army trucks with canvas back facing the wrong way across the right hand lane, almost into the central reservation with one hell of a blow out on his left hand drive axle! and about 15 army personel looking at the carnage and gabbering into radios and mobile phones!

I got caught in that too, the diversion took me bleeding ages and guess what? as i went up the entry ramp to get back onto the A14, the bleeding road had been opened and the traffic was flying past :imp:

which makes you wonder is it better to use the diversion or wait for it to clear.

just checking how this works lol

Firstly it was an over turned army lorry, then an accident involving the car later on still checking!