A1 Western Bypass 30mph?

So over the last couple of days I’ve noticed a lot of 30mph signs popping up just after the coalhouse roundabout junction on the western bypass.

Having a bit Google, apparently this speed limit came into force on 30th January (highways.gov.uk/roads/road-p … provement/) now I’m sure them signs have only just appeared and I’m fairly sure I may have gone through that section quicker than 30 as haven’t seen any signs.

will them average speed cameras of been updated straight away, anyway of finding this out or probably not I’m guessing.


The new speed limit was in place on Saturday 31st, but it soon became obvious that there wasn’t enough signs up, so they added more for Monday 2nd.
Except for 8pm-6am traffic usually moves at 20-25mph anyway on the northbound carriageway, southbound crawls for most of the length, so it’s not going to make a massive difference :laughing: