A1 Mon 23 May

So what was happening on the A1 south of Ferrybridge and again at Grantham today ■■?

Ruddy queues everywhere. :angry:

Roadworks. Been like that for a while now.

Bad accident south of Ferrybridge according to local news (teletext).

Someone told me on cb there had been an accident at Ferrybridge, and it had taken 1 driver 4 hours to divert through Pontefract

ferry bridge: driver of flat bed carrying steel girders crossed the barrier, shed the load and hit a van, 1 dead (van driver) 200 yrds short of the wentbridge viaduct.
Grantham: (this I passed today, while heading north) car down bankin(southbound) near to railway
southbound closed from grantham R/bout 3-4 mile tailback.
as a result, they closed the A1 southbound from newark A17 to divert traffic
(5 mile tailback)

end result…total chaos

Tip for you guys at Newark, Grantham stretch BUT only if you are in your CAR,as theres quite a lot of accidents there at Gonerby.

About 2/3 miles north of Grantham theres a left turning for Foston go in to the village and take the 2nd right it says footbridge only just keep going as theres a passage through the river ( shallow river crossing ■■■■ dont you just hate that when you forget the name of something), keep going and you can get across to Barkston and in to Grantham that way depending on how bad the hold up is its an easy diversion to follow.

I definately wouldnt recommend it in an arctic but a rigid would do it easily.

Took me 1hour 45 minutes to get to work today rather than the usual 20 minutes.

Gonerby is renowned for wagons rolling on it at least one or two a month the reason?, i spoke to someone who does the road maintenance down there and they said it was more important for the water to run off the roundabout hence the bad camber.

I think the word you`re looking for is ford, Jammy :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Jammymutt, I don’t know whether you are aware or not Gonerby Moor roundabout is due to come out within a couple of years, the A1 is to be re-aligned and go straight through with a flyover constructed to access Alington lane from the Grantham road. I also understand that Colsterworth and Stamford roundabouts are due for removal, so is Colsterworth crossroads Ermine Street - Village road will be on a flyover.

The right turn southbound into Wittering village south of Carpenter’s lodge ( Stamford ) roundabout is supposed to be being made into a overhead roundabout.

Once sat there in heavy traffic behind a car, the northbound fastlane stopped and the driver flashed the car across, car moved off to go into the village but unfortunately the traffic in the slow lane just kept going, nice bang and fortunately both vehicles were far enough forward for me to get the truck through the gap.