A1 Grantham/Newark today

Anyone know what went on?.

It took me 6 hours from Worksop to Grantham and back!!!.

Anyone know what went on?.

It took me 6 hours from Worksop to Grantham and back!!!.

You where asleep in a layby?!!

A truck went through the central reseravtion at 3am, and they were still clearing it up at 10am. I went through the centre of Grantham at about 930, it was pretty busy. One of Boughey’s had hit the bridge just off the A52 roundabout where it goes into the One Way bit and that didnt help matters.

Got caught in this one, too. Not been my week on that front. (see M62 thread). I was coming through on my way up from Tilbury just after 10am, and the “ofishul” diverson route via the A52/A17 was chokka, so I cut straight off up the A607 to the 17 and only lost just over half an hour on the run. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was lucky, mind…I’d stopped to finish my break at Colsterworth and as I came north the queue started just after the A52 turnng into town. That route in was clear until you hit the one way system, which happily is also where you turn off for the 607 which was quiet as a graveyard. Jammy, I may have to nick your username… :wink:

Or you could change your name to “Hartley’s” :stuck_out_tongue:

The M62 too was messy today
I`d come off a t Junction 17 (after picking up a reefer at carrington) to go to whitefields at 10:30 before it happened, so when I set off on my return I spotted it, right underneath the roundabout of J17
Owch…a DAF had run into the back of a flatbed trailer in lane 2, and literally parked the front axils on the unit on the back of the flat trailer, looks like the driver had managed to swerve slightly to the right otherwise I recon the driver would be dead, as it looks like the N/S front end was trashed below the radiator grill