A1/A68 Speed Cameras

Got flashed by a camera on the A1 near Burnmouth and on the trip back up the A68 near Soutra.
Driving the car at the time and was under the 60mph limit on both occasions. :confused: :confused: :confused:
The camera near Burnmouth is a complete pain,got flashed in a 7.5t doing 48mph a few months ago and the limit is 50 mph. :confused: :confused: :confused:


why the hell did it flash if you were under 50 (7.5t) and 60 (3.5t)? was it one of those long 7.5t with an extended box? even then surely it’s not fair to get done if you were not breaking the limit. based on what you’ve said sounds like the camera is buggered. in which case you can’t get done…

right…? or am i just being naive here :confused:

ive got flashed ( by the speed camera, b4 we have the wise cracks lol ) on the A5 going towards Magna Park Lutterworth, i was in 7.5t and limited to 56mph and knew for a fact i was nowhere near 50mph. I mentioned it to my manager and he says it might be to do with the height of the vehicle and was mistaken for an artic :astonished: . I left it at that and heard nothing back so about 2 months later i was on my up the same stretch of road and thought ill try this old gov. moneybox out so i sailed past between 45 and 50 mph and sure enough it flashed again! At least this time i could sit back and smile about it :smiley: i think its wrong though as some drivers like me are not aware that they work on vehicle height and they will be sitting waiting for points and fine notification to come through the letterbox.


It could be something flying along in the opposite direction, there are loads on the A13 heading into London that do this if someone (not me of course) is coming towards them on the limiter. :smiling_imp: